Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Change to Zoloft



So today was the appointment I have been waiting for and I did get a change.

I am stopping my generic Prozac and beginning Zoloft, tomorrow when I can pick up my prescription.  I will still be on Wellbutrin. Here’s to maybe better times ahead.

My only experience with Zoloft was watching my Mom take it. When she was first diagnosed with what we found out would be front temporal dementia, she had no emotions. She did not laugh, cry, tantrum, giggle, nothing. She was just sitting there staring into no where. Zoloft gave her emotions. She could laugh and cry, tantrum and giggle like before. She was on it and she kept having those emotions even though she had extreme aphasia.

Other then that, not much is going on. Go to work, come home, walk the dog, read, sleep…. How are you doing?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mental Health and The Spotlight

Why does it take a celebrity suicide to bring attention to mental health and suicide? Why does it take this to have people turn their attention to mental health? 

I distresses me a little when this happens. It is sad. It makes me think of my struggles. There are people who are trying to erase stigma and show people how you can lead a life with mental illness. They write as they can or they talk to people, that will listen, about their struggles. They may be accused of posting frivolous and negative things on Facebook. These are the unsung advocates, who like me, aren't noticed. 

I strive to break stigma a little with each post. I try to get mental health struggles talked about in general conversation. I try to get people to see and open up about their hidden struggles. 

I just wish it did not take a celebrity death to get us to talk about these things. 

When I wanted to die, I could not see anything but a bleak future. I thought that no one would really notice that I was gone. My life had basically no worth and why would I stick around if I have no worth?

I do not think about my death very much. My therapist asked if I am suicidal at my last therapy appointment and I could honestly say that no I am not.