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Weight Loss and Healthy Living Blogs
General Blogs
Go Retro - cool blog about retro stuff.
Single in the City -  a 30 something single Boston woman
Everyday Adventures (Of Me In the City) -  a 30 something single woman in Chicago
Cute Overload - gives me warm, fuzzy feelings
Cake Wrecks - the name says it all
The Daily Otter - what is better then pictures of otters?
Growing Up Guarro - Great family blog
Lambic Pentameter - Just a cool blog
Laura Lohr My Beautiful Life - Is what is says
My Monotonous Life - Cool life, photography, knitting blog
Operation Beautiful - Great cause
The Pink Shoe Diaries - A local blogger I like
Sarcastic Lab Rat - A life blog I really like
Skrinkering Hearts - A local Boston blog

Knitting Blogs

Lamb Blogs - missed my calling I think