About Me

Thank you for stumbling upon my site.  This blog started as a blog to get thoughts out of my head.  I did not think that hand writing a journal would last past the first week so this blog was born.

I did not care that people read it.  It just felt good to get it out there.  Now that it is out there, it has helped me. It is sort of a guide to see my progress.

I have suffered with depression most of my life.  I tend to retreat inward when things go bad and growing up they went bad.  Throughout most of my teen years, I went to school and came home into my bedroom.  My parent's lives were falling apart and mine was too.

To escape this, I went to college in Illinois.  It was an escape from the bedroom.  It succeeded for a little while.  After college, I made a 3 year stop in western New York.

I returned home and really went about life in a daze.  I was going to work but really, I was suffering inside.  I bounced from therapist to therapist, never really finding a fix. Finally, I decided enough is enough.  Change has to come from within.

This is my journey.