Friday, July 18, 2014

Change Change Change

I had my medication appointment this week. It went OK. I was hoping for more a change like changing my two medications but she just added 10 milligrams on to my Prozac prescription. We shall see how it works. 
I see her in a month regardless to see how things are going since the change and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I have been all over the board these last few days emotions-wise. The other night I was crying and honestly, I did not know why. 

The medication doctor had told me that my life has totally changed and maybe that change is starting to catch up to me. In the last year:

  • I got laid off after being at a company for 10 years, out of the blue.
  • After posting a whole post about how I was meant to be alone, I met the guy and we have been together for a year and living together for 10 months. He has not killed me yet.
  • Guy's teenage son comes about every other weekend.
  • We got a dog.

  • I got a new job at a company with a very different dynamic.
  • Guy's teenage son is going to be moving in with us next month. My apartment is going to rearranged
  • Blogher is next week and well, that brings my anxiety and not good enough thoughts to my head.   

It has just been a whirlwind year. I can see where she has a point. What is next?        


  1. That's a lot for anyone to handle in a year.....a lot of good stuff, though! I hope your med changes help you.

  2. Change IS hard. It does take time to process through it all. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I sometimes don't think about all the changes and their effects until after the fact. Change can be tough, even good ones. I hope the med changes work well. Sometimes a little tweak can make a big difference.

  4. That is a lot of change...however focus on how a lot of it is GREAT change!!!!!

  5. I'd agree with Mary. Finding a job is tough and you have. Same goes with a relationship. The common denominator here is you. So the strength, determination and drive to get those things came from you and you alone )))


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