Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Blogher 2014 Re-Cap

I had the opportunity to attended Blogher 2014 in San Jose, California this weekend.  The last time I attended Blogher was in 2012 and had some good, the bad and the downright ugly and it sort of turned me off from Blogher. Fast forward to 2014 and I decided to sign up.

The conference this was different then the other 3 I have attended. In some ways, it was much better and in some, it was totally underwhelming.

The Underwhelming

The Expo Center was totally underwhelming. I avoided half of the Expo because I neither have a baby or children and I do not monetize my blog.  Where was the Sun from previous years?  I just wish there were more brands that I could connect with.

I blog to break stigma. I blog to see that average every day people have mental illness. I blog to show that I am just an average person. It is therapy for me and whether or not people read me, I will continue to blog about the crazy thoughts that populate my head.I was hoping to be reinvigorated but I get home feeling like the fun has gone out of blogging.  Perhaps that is the depression talking. I was feeling pretty down about myself. I felt like I did not fit in and  that was the depression talking. I spent a lot of time wandering around. I tried to be friendly and out going but sometimes I felt that it just wasn’t enough.

I spent a lot of time wandering. I had looked at the session guides and none of the descriptions jumped out at me. I wanted to attend sessions.  I found out after speaking to a speaker that said the session description did not match the session that they were going to teach. Why were the descriptions wrong?

The Awesomeness

Some of the booths in the Expo Hall were awesome. The Pets Add Life booth was great. I got to have my picture taken with their dog and it was one of the highlights of my conference.


I got to hang out with old and new friends. Evidently, my outgoing ways rubbed off on some people because I did meet a lot of cool people and I was allowed to say that I am a Mental Health blogger and people did not look at me with eyes that say I have ten heads.

The Mrs Band is really cool. I cried during the video because I totally struggle in this regard. I look at the mirror and see ugliness and a person who is unworthy. Years of therapy has not changed this at all. I was in tears watching this video.


And of course the song is just awesome.

Will the message finally sink in? I hope so.

I will have more tomorrow when I can think clearly. I have a head ache from crying during the song. Yes, I know. Plus, I have to charge the Samsung camera to get the pictures off of it.


  1. Thank you for posting that video again. It ripped me wide open.

  2. I spent a lot of time feeling like I didn't fit in too. It's hard to talk when everyone is buried in their phones, plus I'm awkward and other people are awkward so social encounters sometimes are just odd. Next time I go I might make a sign that says, "Feeling awkward and like you don't fit in? Come sit by me." Maybe then we can make more friends!

  3. Replies
    1. Gah me either! I wish I had found you!

  4. Hi Jennifer, it was great to meet you IRL at BlogHer. I, too, loved the PAL booth and their handsome mascot, Dolce. I think all us dog lovers stopped by to get our "dog fix!"

  5. That dog is so cute! What a great booth, it sounds like.

    I'm sorry you didn't feel like you fit in. I bet there were a LOT of people feeling the same way. I know I would have been!

  6. Just to reiterate, I think you're awesome and yes, our paths crossed a ton at the conference =) You left an impression on me... would love to chat with you some more especially in relation to mental health!

  7. PS I always recommend starting a FB private group with bloggers you get along with (who are not already in too many groups). That way you're really friends, and by the time you go to the conference, you're comfortable and not feeling out of place. That helped me a ton.

  8. Yeah, some of it's underwhelming, but I find the good outweighed the bad. Plus, I'm a totally geek for listening to the keynotes. ;)


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