Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lost or Not

As I sit here, next to Bailey, writing this, I am watching the very first episode of LOST.


I heard it has been 10 years since it premiered and I spent 10 years of obsessing over every little detail of this show. I would dissect it endlessly and reserve the hour it was on every week only to be crushed and hugely disappointed by the ending. I am not sure why I am watching it but I am.

Today, it was somewhat springish here in New England and I decided to take Bailey for a little walk after work because my guy is working late tonight . There is a possibility of snow next week so I will take this now.

I have been on a downward ride lately.  Just the combination of the migraine, pain, weight, self esteem, long winter, and just my battle with depression has me losing it lately. I want to curl up and well, not do anything. 

They doubled my Topamax prescription so I am hoping that will help with the migraines.  That is a plus. I will take it!


  1. Keep your chin up!!!!!! The downward ride can be turned around! You've got it in you!!!!

  2. I loved every bit of Lost, and loved the ending. I'm sorry you were disappointed.

    Things will turn around for you. I second what MaryFran said. Keep your chin up!


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