Friday, March 28, 2014

Color on a Cold Night

This week I went to a blogger spring preview at Athleta on Newbury Street. I love their colorful clothes. It makes me smile.  I generally work out in ill fitting t-shirts and yoga pants that sometimes stay up and sometimes and sometimes, they fall down (just like my jeans even though they are not really loose) and require readjustment.

So, on a cold windy night, I looked at pretty clothes and really wished I could try something (anything) but I did take pictures of clothing I liked.






I love their clothes. They sell plus sizes on line but not in their stores. It is like they want my money but just do not come into our stores. It is a definite trend in retail with stores like Old Navy doing it.

It makes me sad. They offer plus sizes in 1x and 2x. I am sure they could fit them on the shelves. I will definitely order something online but I definitely prefer to try things on, feel them and seeing how they look on me.

I may be overweight but I do not sit around all day. I work out. I wear clothing while working out and would love to be stylish. I wish stores would listen.


  1. The thing that amazes me about the stores that sell plus size but don't carry it in their stores..........there is an epidemic of obesity in our country and they are ignoring it. Yes, it may be may spark people to try to lose the weight. But I think it only adds to the rampant depression in our country and terms of the store...I don't order.....they lose my business!

  2. It is ridiculous. they can't fit 2 more sizes in their little Newbury st boutique? I never buy anything without trying it on. there is no reason why women should have to go online to find their size.

  3. I completely agree with you. It's like they want your money, but please don't come in and try anything on. Ugh. I hate that. It's why my money goes to Lane Bryant and Torrid.


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