Friday, March 28, 2014

Color on a Cold Night

This week I went to a blogger spring preview at Athleta on Newbury Street. I love their colorful clothes. It makes me smile.  I generally work out in ill fitting t-shirts and yoga pants that sometimes stay up and sometimes and sometimes, they fall down (just like my jeans even though they are not really loose) and require readjustment.

So, on a cold windy night, I looked at pretty clothes and really wished I could try something (anything) but I did take pictures of clothing I liked.






I love their clothes. They sell plus sizes on line but not in their stores. It is like they want my money but just do not come into our stores. It is a definite trend in retail with stores like Old Navy doing it.

It makes me sad. They offer plus sizes in 1x and 2x. I am sure they could fit them on the shelves. I will definitely order something online but I definitely prefer to try things on, feel them and seeing how they look on me.

I may be overweight but I do not sit around all day. I work out. I wear clothing while working out and would love to be stylish. I wish stores would listen.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lost or Not

As I sit here, next to Bailey, writing this, I am watching the very first episode of LOST.


I heard it has been 10 years since it premiered and I spent 10 years of obsessing over every little detail of this show. I would dissect it endlessly and reserve the hour it was on every week only to be crushed and hugely disappointed by the ending. I am not sure why I am watching it but I am.

Today, it was somewhat springish here in New England and I decided to take Bailey for a little walk after work because my guy is working late tonight . There is a possibility of snow next week so I will take this now.

I have been on a downward ride lately.  Just the combination of the migraine, pain, weight, self esteem, long winter, and just my battle with depression has me losing it lately. I want to curl up and well, not do anything. 

They doubled my Topamax prescription so I am hoping that will help with the migraines.  That is a plus. I will take it!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Health Quandary

Things have been a little crazy here over the last two weeks.

I have not been feeling very well for a while now. I have had some digestive issues and pain in my lower left abdominal area and my migraines have been brutal. They happen almost every night and involve ear aches and sore throats.

Since this started when I was unemployed, I had to wait until I had health insurance and since I now do, I went to the doctors. The doctor sent me for a colonoscopy and they found that everything was hunky dory in that department so they sent me to get a pelvic ultrasound.

The pelvic ultrasound showed that I have fibroids, which I have had removed in the past. The gynecologist today said that fibroids are not causing my digestive issues and pain and he said I should have a cat scan.

It is just frustrating. It makes me think it is all in my head.

On top of this, Pumpkin went to the vet last week and because she is so young and has an advanced case of gingivitis. The vet thought to test for Bartonella , which can manifest in cats with gingivitis. It came back positive. So Eli and Bailey have to be treated with antibiotics. Me and the guy are probably going to be tested as well.

Perhaps, my crazy headaches have something to do with the Bartonella. It can’t hurt to be tested.

My Google investigation of the “stealth pathogen” does not instill good vibes in me. Just so you know Bartonella can cause a few things including cat scratch disease. God knows I have been scratched and bitten enough by my precious cats. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the gynecologist made a comment about me “losing a 100 pounds” to feel better. I know I have to lose weight. I know I need to be healthy. I just know the pain is more than weight.