Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stop The Slide Goals

I have been a little adrift on life lately. Things have begun falling apart and just getting up for work has been a challenge. Part of this is this horrible winter. I am not a winter fan at all but usually it is wicked cold or snowy. This year it is frigging freezing and snowy. We have our third snow event this week today, but I digress.

Then it has been almost 2 years since Mom died. 

I need some goals. Of the healthy, fun, motivating, get me to clean up kind.

First the stop the backward slide goals:

1. Eat 3 meals a day.
I find myself skipping breakfast or going to hours in between eating or being so hungry I overeat. I must eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If it is just a mini meal, that is okay but I must eat something.

2. De-clutter.
If it has not moved in 5 years and is going away. Period. Recycle mail I do not need. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

3. Get some exercise.
I am not talking about 5 hours each day but just 45 minutes or so 3-4 times a week. 

Happiness goals:

1. Knit more! 
It goes with number 2 above, use my yarn stash! Anyone need a hat?

2. Learn more about what I want to do in France
I am going to France (!!!!!) in June. What should I visit? 

3. Read more of the books I own. 
Cut down on library books. Read my book stash.

4. Take Bailey, my dog, on longer walks
He needs it. I need it. 

That's it for now.

Have any goals yourself?


  1. After unpacking most of this weekend, and finding things I cant believe got packed in the first place, I'm going to borrow/share a couple of your goals. The decluttering, and the exercising, I wish I was a knitter, but I can substitute crafting with stuff I have for that one. As for France, I highly remcommend an evening cruise down the seine with a view of the Eiffel tower all lit up. It was the highlight of our stay there, that and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. We also enjoyed walking from LaDefense all the way down through the Arc d Triumph and further to the Louvre. It took all day, but theres no better way to see the city of Paris. Enjoy!

  2. Great goals, good for you ! I also made a list of goals for myself for February, but haven't been succesful with all of them, not completely at least....I think I was maybe too ambitious with my list :)) But your list reminds me that I need to do a more modest list for March...while still trying to kick it up a notch with my list for this month.
    Good luck, you go girl !!

  3. Sounds like you have a plan! YAY you!!!

    And I'm with you...this winter stuff can end any darn minute now!

  4. You're going to France in June? I'm going in July! That's so exciting! But too bad we'll miss each other. Would have been fun to meet up on the other side of the Atlantic.

  5. Great goals, and I'm with you on the winter. Enough already!!

  6. This winter has been really getting to me too. It's good to have a great vacation to focus on. France sounds amazing!


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