Thursday, January 9, 2014


I have a new addiction.

It isn’t a bad one. Not really. It encourages me to get out, to walk around and perhaps even meet people.

It is all the man’s fault. Really. I found out about it because of him.

I play Ingress.

It is a virtual reality games based in reality.


It takes the map around you and inserts portals in landmarks and sights. The two green spots near the top of the above picture, they are portal. This is a portal below. You can add things to portals, attack portals, and do all sorts of shenanigans from them.


There are two teams. The Enlightened are green and the Resistance are blue. The Enlightened are fighting for control of the portals against the Resistance. It is all over XM, the little dots you see. The Enlightened are hoping to keep the XM and the Resistance wants to eliminate all XM.


Whatever gets you moving, right?

And getting moving is what I need. It even got me out and about in the really cold weather recently.


  1. It sounds complicated, but fun! I need something to get me moving. :-)

  2. Oh wow this is actually pretty cool. I may have to give this a try!

  3. Yes, whatever gets you moving!

  4. Very interesting game! I will try it..


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