Monday, October 14, 2013

Jen Reads: Recent Favorites

I have not done this in a while so here it goes. Being unemployed, I have time, when I am not searching for a job or entertaining Santana, the dog, to read. These are some of the ones I enjoyed and maybe you will too:

Touch of Power and Scent of Magic by Maria Snyder


I read the first book, Touch of Power, a while ago and when I found that I able to put, Scent of Magic, on hold at the library, I did. This is an epic fantasy type story of healer, Avry. She is the last healer in the 15 Realms and is hunted.  She is captured by a outlaw, who wants Avry to heal the prince that has been frozen. It is a great story and has lots of action and a little romance. I totally recommend this series.

For The King’s Favor by Elizabeth Chadwick

Elizabeth Chadwick is one of my favorite authors of all times. She paints a very good picture of England during the Middle Ages in all of her books and For King’s Favor knocked it out of the park for me. It is the tale of Ida de Tosney, a mistress to King Henry II, who meets a young lord, Roger Bigod in Henry’s court.  The new life that she hopes to gain with Roger, is fraught with intrigue. It is Elizabeth Chadwick at her best. I highly recommend her work.

My Fair Concubine by Jeannie Lin

This is my first Jeannie Lin book and the first book based during the Tang Dynasty of  China in the 800s. I was captured by the take of a tea girl, Yan Ling, who is plucked from her life to be a shoe in for a nobleman’s sister, who was to be sent to the barbarians as a bride by the Emperor. I will be reading more from Jeannie Lin in the future!

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I wrote my review of the first book of this series, Shadow and Bone, back in September of 2012.  I loved it. The follow up, Siege and Storm, did not disappoint. The story picks up where the story left off, Alina and Mal are trying to run away and escape the Darkling but things are not looking good. She decides to head home and is once again in the Darkling’s magical game.  I am totally waiting for the 3rd book in the series!

Have you read anything good lately?