Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Set Adrift

I am on a raft floating out in the ocean without a destination. Seriously.

I spend my day looking for a job but I really need to find myself.

I feel lost without a job, a purpose, anything….

I do not have insurance currently so I have not been to therapy in a while. That is not good. My mood is mostly stable but there are afternoons like these that I just feel adrift.

I have had two phone interviews this week. I get really nervous around phone interviews. I am just not a phone talker. I have never been. So talking to these companies about how I am an awesome commercial lease administrator. I know the job and I know it well. Then they ask me about salary and I am like, I want this range and then they get all silent. That does not bode well.

I hate telephone interviews. I am a face to face kind of gal. Most of my friends can attest.


  1. Phone interviews can be tough. Have you ever done any mock interviews over the phone with friends/family? I did that and it really helped my phone interview skills.

  2. I'm not a phone person either. I like Keith's suggestion of practicing phone interviews. That could be helpful.

  3. I agree phone interviews are can't look anyone in the eye, or sense their body are certainly not the only one who feels this way!

  4. Phone interviews are SO hard. Something good is coming your way. Just keep holding on and things will get better.

  5. I loathe when they ask what salary I'm looking for! I usually say, "Here's my salary history; I'm willing to negotiate for the right position."

  6. I can relate to the feeling lost without a job, without a purpose. Something I'm struggling with too. Good luck with your search.


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