Monday, July 1, 2013

Fitbit Excitement

Someone stole my blogging mojo and I am trying to get it back. I have been spending a lot of time alone and well, turning on the computer has been too much.

I hope to remedy that. I will probably talk about my job search some since that is coming up.

For now, I have a new toy. I bought myself a Fitbit Flex. What is a Fitbit Flex?


The Flex is a bracelet that you wear that computes your steps, your sleep and if you want your food intake. If you tap on it, the lights will tell you how far you have gone to your goal. Five lights is the maximum you can get.

It sinks with a computer or a smartphone. Since I have a smartphone, I sink it to that often.


I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Some days I make it, some days I don’t. This is a screenshot from earlier in the day.

The computer dash board has some additional little tools that I find interesting.

active minutes

I love that it shows I had 40 very active minutes.

I am working on the simple goal of weighing less than I did the previous month. No crazy tracking. No freaking out. Just trying to move and make some good choices and not binge.

I am a bit worried about my impending job job loss and I am  hoping not to take my worries out with food, because it won’t get me a job or make me feel better.

This was $99 of my own money invested wisely, I think. I am sort of obsessed with the sleep function and getting the 10,000 steps per day. If I start to make 10,000, I will raise my goal to 11,000.


  1. Thats awesome! Sounds like a great new toy! I hope it helps.

  2. That's a good way to approach it Jen - making good choices and not binge dieting, as those never last. Sounds as if you are making very healthy choices!!

  3. Never hear of it. I want one :)!

  4. I know when I'm low my decisions and thinking are often flawed. So setting yourself small and short term goals the why you are seems a really good idea. Lots of small goals achieved puts you in a good place to deal with bigger things.
    Onwards and upwards :-)

  5. I have the first generation FitBit, but I love it! Great way to hold yourself accountable!

  6. Good for you! That's a nifty gadget. I don't have the motivation to exercise, but maybe if I got one of those, it would help me get myself moving. I hope you have great success with your healthy goals.


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