Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Randomness

Sometimes I think that I am so sure of something and wham, that changes. I am wavering about moving to Denver. I want to but worries about money and guilt have caused me to think things through some more.

I made a huge financial mistake yesterday. I made an online payment to the gas company and well, instead of $555.18, I must have put $2,555.18. Gah! Needless to say I do not have $2,000 extra so when I saw the confirmation email this morning, I fell off of my chair. After calling the gas company and my bank, we figured things out. It was just emotionally wrenching.

Now I am starting to freak out a bit about being unemployed. I have been laid off twice before in my life, with no severance and I survived. I will survive again.

How are you all?


  1. Yes you will survive my friend. And thankfully you caught that payment in time!!

  2. My friend did the same thing with a credit card payment by they refused to change it! She was in tears I felt so bad.

  3. You will not only survive, you will flourish!

  4. Yes, you will survive. And you will thrive! And don't forget that you have us cheering for you!


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