Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jen Reads: Consumed

I have been slacking in my online life. I am trying not to think of my computer as a shackle, it has become that. What have I been doing while I have not been blogging?


I have been sucked into reading about Rome and Egypt…..

I loved these two books:

I don’t know much about Egypt outside of what I have seen on TV and learned about in school. This book sucked me into the daily life of Cleopatra Selene, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony’s daughter, who was taken to Rome along with her twin brother and younger brother became captives of Emperor Augustus. I loved the fact I was immersed and could not let go.

I can’t wait wait to read the second book, Song of the Nile!

This book got me on my Rome track and got me to read the above book.  Thea is a slave girl purchased by a Roman, who bought slaves so they could bring music to his life. After he gets killed, she is sold to a spoiled Roman heiress.  While with the heiress at the gladiator games, she sees the Gaul slave , Arius, who becomes a gladiator. It was a nice read that made me want devour more ancient Rome based books.

If you want a light Sex in the City type book based in ancient Rome, this is the book for you. Bickering, scandal, centurions and 4 Emperors, it was a fun read.

Another book series I have been sucked into is:

This one is based off of Irish lore. Sorcha is the seventh child of seventh child. Even though she was supposed to be boy, the forest honors her. When her father, Lord Colum is enchanted by a new wife, their peaceful lie in the forest comes to an end. I myself was entranced by this book and wished the hero of this book, Hugh of Harrowfield, was actually around today!

I have 10 books out from the library. I want to get rid of cable. I guess I know what will take a good portion of my time, when not blogging.

I have been struggling though and I am freaking out about this job loss thing but I am trying to put on a stiff upper lip. How are you?


  1. It's great when you find books you can't put down, isn't it! Glad to hear you have so many....enjoy!

  2. I love finding great books. I really have slacked off of reading and need to do more of it.


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