Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thoughts About Palm Springs

So I spent about 5 days in Palm Springs. It was a much needed respite with a good friend and a time to forget, sort of, my troubles in the land of palm trees and early bird specials.



I thought cactus are the coolest things.


Who knew the date had a sex life? It is definitely better than mine probably! 

I was at the Shield’s Date Garden, where I learned I am not a fan of whole dates but I like a date shake.


This might be the most controversial part of my trip, especially to obsessed fans who believe the myth in Boston, but I was not overjoyed with the In N Out burger. I loved the vanilla shake. I tried it and well, it was just ok. Not earth shattering.  Five Guys has burgers that are way better.


The views were awesome!

I was happy I got to go.

Where will I go next?

On a cruise in a few weeks and a girls weekend away in Montreal to  mourn my turning 40 in November. And who knows?

Travel is one of the things I get most excited and giddy about.


  1. exciting trip and gorgeous pictures

    now following you
    I'm glad if you visit my blog

  2. Wow this looks like it was an amazing time Jen! And a cruise upcoming!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Those date shakes are to die for, aren't they??

  4. I love the photos! The environment looks so different from where I am in central Virginia. I would love to experience the desert. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. And how fun that you have the cruise coming up!


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