Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Goals

I have  about 5 and a half months until I turn 40. The thought sort of gets me down but in an effort to be somewhat positive, I am going to set some sort of goals for those 5 and a half months.

1. Visit Boston Light – It totally is a 3 hour tour! I have been wanting to do this for a long time. It is a historic lighthouse and I am such a history nerd.

2. Finally, visit the Adams family.  This has been on my list before and well, I live right around the corner. No excuses!

3. Purge – big time. I am not a hoarder but just living I have acquired way too much stuff (this does not include books, FYI) and I need to get rid of stuff.

4. Enjoy the outdoors. Whether that is walking in the plethora of parks in the Boston area or my neighborhood or reading outside, I need to get out more. After this winter, I am feeling cooped up.

5. Write three positive things a day. Whether about myself or anything, just three positive things. It can’t be that hard, can it?

6. I live in a city with a large Asian population. I want to go to one of the restaurants here that the writing is mainly is in Chinese.  Totally stepping out of my comfort zone.

What are your spring/summer goals?


My positive things:

1. My cats make me smile.

2. I love my freckles. Every one of them.

3. I am really really looking forward to Palm Springs next week.


  1. Great goals, and I love the three positives, too! I really like how your goals are fun and specific. I need to purge my belongings, too. But no, not my books! :-)

    I need to set some goals. I really do. I've been drifting too long.

  2. These are great goals. I especially love the one about three positives. I think I'm going to try to do that too!

  3. I'd do the Adams plantation with you! That would be fun. Also I'm totally hysterical, seriously people love me, I love my kids and I haven't cheated on my diet!

  4. I'm planning a family trip to Boston in June, think I might check out the Harbor Islands and the Adams house. Thanks for the ideas! PS. was in Palm Springs on Saturday, the weather is fantastic, enjoy your trip!

  5. Yes! The Boston Light tour is AMAZING! Pack a small picnic snack or lunch when you go and bring lots of sunscreen! And a camera - it's so beautiful. I just realized I never blogged about when I went last fall...I'll try and do that soon so you get a sneak peak. ;)

    re: the Adams - I thought the birthplaces was boring and a bit of a waste of time (although I'm totally NOT a history buff), but the estate at Peacefield was really interesting and enjoyable. Wait till you see the library!

    re: purging...this is something I've been working on for the last few weeks. It's such a constant fight to keep a small apartment uncluttered, isn't it? I really love the Apartment Thepary: Eight Step Home Cure book for when I'm really feeling un-homey in our place, it's a well laid out, approachable (adaptable, I totally cherry pick the stuff I want to do and don't) plan for really making our apartment back into a nice, fresh, happy place to be. I don't hold onto books - if I buy physical books these days, most of them get passed on to friends or donated after I've read them, but that his one book that stays and I flip through at least once a year, if not more!

  6. I think writing 3 positive things a day is such a great idea!!!

  7. Love those goals.........go for them!!

  8. Very cool goals! I like freckles too. : )

    Didn't know about the Boston Light Tour. Definitely need to do that myself. Been dying to go on a Duck Tour too. One of these days . . .


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