Monday, April 1, 2013

Migraine Blues

I have been plagued by migraines lately. They are getting very bad. My ears begin to hurt and ring, the pain around my eye is massive, my jaw hurts and I just want to curl up in a ball, cry and/or sleep. None of the medicine I take really works. Topamax sort of reduces the amount of migraines I get but the intensity is way up.

I really effects my mood. Pain is a huge depression trigger. When I do my feel physically good, I do not feel mentally good.

I often wonder if the two are wound together and can’t survive without the other. Just a simple Google search of migraines and depression bring up lots of results that say yes, they are related.

To another another thing to the mix, my rosacea is getting worse.  I have heard of the connection of migraines and rosacea. The red bumps on my face seem to be spreading.


I do not want to go on antibiotics but that is the only things the really seems to help.

I am just tired and hurting. I want to cry uncle with my migraines.


  1. Jen, I'm so sorry you're suffering like this. I used to have migraines quite often (not so many anymore), so I understand the pain. When I feel bad physically, I, too, usually feel bad mentally. I hope you get some relief soon!

  2. Migraines are the worst!! I was plagued by them for years. I have now learned to recognize the signs when I am getting one (a blurry spot in my eye that precedes the migraine) and if I take medicine prior to it hitting it greatyl diminishes it.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry, Jen! Migraines are AWFUL! Is there any way you could talk to your doc and see if they can help you with the increasing pain?

    I agree that pain and depression are definitely linked. I hurt my neck very badly in 1995 and was in terrible pain for months and months. Interestingly, my OCD really exploded in 1996 and the depression was awful too. I often wonder if the pain was a trigger for my already existing mental health issues.

  4. I get migraines too..and the Spring and Fall weather changes brings them on more frequent. At first they thought they were allergies but now they agree big temp differences bring them on. I swear my head is a human barometer..even a storm coming in gives me a migraine. A friend of mine who is a pharmacist told me to try taking one tablet pain reliever like Tylenol with one tablet of Ibruprofen and that actually works for me pretty good, though sometimes I have to resort to migraine meds. I know how much it hurts though and feel badly you have to suffer through these. Oh, and I have gotten a rosacea-type of rash on my side with migraines but I always thought it was a side effect from the meds so that is a new thought for me.

  5. Jen I take relpax. It's the only medicine that sort of works for me. Sometimes excedrin migraine works with caffeine. I don't get them that often (maybe once a month usually around TOM) but they suck. I can't imagine getting them as often as you. Feel better!

  6. Feel very sorry for you.I know how it make you feel horrible.The medicine Ithat helped me is named migrafin.
    Love from the Netherlands,

  7. Mondays are rough in the first place, but adding a Migraine triggered by a weather front, and I have the Migraine Blues. Natural remedies for migraines


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