Sunday, April 28, 2013

Escape To Palm Springs Part 1

I don’t want my vacation to be over but it is. I am back from Palm Springs. Fortunately, the light at the end of my travel tunnel is still shining brightly. It was a journey to actually get to Palm Springs since I left the Friday that the city was shut down.

My phone is dead so I am only sharing a few of my photos now, with more to come.


I was looking at photos of me during my trip and this is bar far my favorite. I am not going to say anything bad about myself but ugh….. I was at Indian Canyons, which was beautiful!


A palm oasis in Indian Canyons. So pretty.  What I liked it was so different from Boston. The desert is just a place of its own.


I loved these teddy bear cactuses or cholla. They are big and fuzzy like a teddy bear but they hurt you unlike a teddy bear


I even went to jail at Pioneertown.


More detail tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time. I like the looks of the desert. It looks so different from where I am, too. I'll look forward to learning more!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing and well-deserved time Jen!

  3. I'm glad you had fun. Next time you come out to Cali, we should get together!

  4. Definitely different from Boston.......looks like a great time!

  5. Oh I LOVE the desert, Jen! When I went to Arizona for the first time I was just amazed by how different the landscape was from New England. I especially love all the cacti (I think that's the plural of cactus, right?).

    Good, I'm glad you didn't say anything negative about your pic, because there is nothing negative to say! It's a really nice pic and I'm glad you shared it with us. Can't wait to see more of your trip.


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