Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring to Health

I have been doing a lot of thinking. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not so good but today, it is somewhere in the middle.

I decided to go for a walk this afternoon to clear the mind.  It did not really work but really, I did get some thoughts through the fluff. I have to do something about my weight and my health. I want to be healthy and I do not want to go through what my father is going through at 64.

How to do that without activating the self hating thoughts?

think I am going to continue to use My Fitness Pal, which I sort of stopped using. I like it because if I am hungrier one day and not so hungry the next, I can just jot it down. I do not have to meet a point requirement or beat myself up. I have to do something. Anything but in a healthful way.

Eat when hungry but journal and exercise. If I lose weight, that will be great. The ultimate goal is to be healthy. I am trying to tell myself it is not to lose weight. The number means nothing.


On my walk today, I saw this:

crucuses quincy

This is important because it has been cold and old man winter is hanging on for dear life. There is snow still on the ground! The crocuses are fighters and it make me happy to see them amongst the death of winter.

Is winter gone where you are?


  1. Jen, I think your plans on eating healthy sound good. The focus on health, not numbers, is great. I hope that as the weather warms up and you're able to get out more, you will start to feel better.

    We've had snow most of today, and they're calling for more tonight and tomorrow morning. It's snowing on top of the daffodils! Spring has tried to come, but winter is still hanging around.

  2. Our winter left around the beginning of January. ;-)

    I'm glad you're working on your physical health. I'm trying to remind myself that good physical health will help me have good mental health.

  3. Yay for crocuses!! Don't know exactly how it was in Boston today, but in NH it was 50 and sunny. I think, maybe, just maybe, winter might be almost out of here for the year. Let's hope.

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