Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letting the Past Rule Today

Have you seen this video?

I saw this at work and started to cry. If you have been reading this blog for any time, you may know that I am still struggling with the hurtful words and actions that plagued my childhood. Those feeling of being ugly, unlovable, worthless and generally not worth the air I breathe but yet I yet I struggle through each day. 

This spoke to me. I am almost 40 years old. When am I going to stop letting something from 30 years ago bother me? Why do I still believe it? How can I let go?


  1. Jen, I wish I had answers for you. I watched the video and remembered my childhood, too, and the ugly words I heard and the pain I felt. I'm still struggling to deal with all of that, too, but therapy and learning on my own--reading, talking, writing--have helped me. You can find help, too. Things can be better.

  2. It's a process but it's definitely doable. I know it's easier said than done. But I was faced with that a few years ago and once I was able to free myself from the past I felt more alive than I've ever felt in my life.

  3. Hello Jen,
    You express yourself beautifully and succinctly.
    Hurtful childhood experiences are stored in the subconscious emotional parts of our brain.
    The secrets to letting go and changing the patterns of that part of our brain are usually not through logical or rational thinking. They can involve visualisations, flipping negative questions that go around in our minds into positive ones and transformational stories.
    I can send you some techniques to try if you wish. My email is
    Best wishes,
    Brian @BrianJGuest

  4. I wish I had an answer to is truly amazing how these experiences from our childhood stay with us. I was bullied on a few rare occasions as a child, and I remember them each vividly, and they still hurt. Certainly there are people who can help you get past this.....good luck.

  5. It really is hard to let past things go. I struggle with different stuff myself. I really try (not always very successfully) to focus on the here and now, and what I can do to make my own life and the lives of others around me better today, right now. Some days are easier than others.

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  8. Jen- I do not mean to be intrusive, but I have often read your blog/FB and wondered if you are seeking counseling? Of course, I ask partly because I'm a therapist myself, lol:) In all seriousness, though, and not trying to cross a line here...but I do think it might be worth pursuing if you haven't already. I hope you have good people and supports around you this week as loss anniversaries are so difficult. all the best to you.

    1. Oh yes, I go to my therapist ever other week and my med doctor every 3 months. I do find that this blog really really helps me. Gets the thoughts out of my head.

  9. Thank you so much for finding and posting this! I am 51 and still can hear fatty carrot top...even though my husband love my red hair and curves...

    Thanks so much...again.


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