Tuesday, February 5, 2013


What cheers me up on cold winter days?

Pictures of cute animals. In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board with cute animals to look at when I get down but it is time I introduce the kitties.

Pumpkin is quite the lap cat.  She is also quite demanding, when it comes to paying attention to Pumpkin.


Eli is still skittish but has come out and about. I have been able to rub his neck only twice. I am getting there, slowly.


They are cautiously getting along. Now and then I hear a little altercation but for the most part, they are fine.


Pumpkin was sniffing Eli’s lair, while Eli was watching and preparing to pounce.


  1. I love cats! I will always be a cat person at heart :)

  2. Poor Eli...he's just a scardey cat!

  3. So sweet! I love cats and I love cat watching. They are so funny sometimes.

  4. Having cute cats to look at is always good in my book. I'm glad they make you feel better.

    I'm planning to get a cat tattoo sometime soon so I guess you could say I love cats!

  5. Nominated you for the Liebster Award.....check out my post for info. Will give you something fun to do this snow day. :-)

  6. Animals have magical healing powers. My bunny's magic is in his velvety fur.


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