Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jen Reads: Recent Loves

As I mentioned the other day, I have been wanting to hibernate and what would I do during the little awake time would be read. Lately, I have discovered some books I really liked.

Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander is a fun urban fantasy book. Edie Spence is a nurse in the County Hospital’s paranormal ward. She encounters shape shifters, weredragons, and vampires. She works with a tough bunch but they get along. While caring for an elderly vampire servant, she accidently did not restrain him as she should as and he pulled out his ventilation tube and died. He asked her to “Save Anna” as his last words and it catapults her into the paranormal world. I liked Edie Spence as a character. She is a tough woman who is struggling throughout life. She deals with her family and what it is like to be an experienced single lady, which is lately is not very common in fiction. I am looking forward to reading the second book, Moonshifted!


On the Island by Tracey Garvis is another book that kind of goes against the tide. Thirty year old Anna Emerson takes a job tutoring a 16 year old, who lost school time due to cancer. That tutoring job is in the Maldives. While on the way, with T.J. Callahan, the 16 year old, their small plane goes down somewhere in the Maldives Island chain. They spend 5 years old the island. T.J. grows into a young man on the island and after a few years they develop something more than friendship. After they are rescued, they try to deal with their relationship in the real world. I really liked this book as well. The age difference was handled really well and I totally recommend it.


Maria Snyder’s Touch of Power is another fantasy. Avry  of Kazan is a healer. She has the ability to heal people and take on their pain. Unfortunately  healers are persecuted and Avry has been on the run. She is found by Kerrick, a friend of a plague stricken prince, and kidnapped in order to save the prince.  As they traverse the countryside, other powerful people are also wanting Avry’s services. I loved Snyder’s style of writing and the story. I am looking forward to reading her backlist of books.

Hexed is the second book of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series. Atticus is a 21 centuries old Druid living in the Tempe area, running a new aged book store with a mind talking, sausage and French poodle obsessed Irish wolfhound. When he discovers that a coven of witches with a bad history have come to town, he works to see that they move on and battles a demon eating local high school students.  This is a fast paced, fun urban fantasy. I especially love Oberon, the wolfhound. His conversations with Atticus are great. I highly recommend the series.


  1. These look like some very good reads!

  2. Hibernating, actually sounds good to me lately. Few good books to keep me company, not bad idea. Thanks for a great list!


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  4. Another great post, I appreciate all the work you put into this site, helping out others with your fun and creative works.


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