Monday, December 3, 2012

Unsolicited Advice and Self Care

There is something about me that inspires people to offer unsolicited advice, whether needed or not….

Today I heard that if I would just lose weight, all of my problems would be solved and I would be “so pretty”.

I wish it would be true but it is not.

I have learned after losing and gaining a 100 pounds several time, I still was depressed and hated myself. I need to get help for my problems now or else I am doomed to go on that roller coaster ride of weight loss again and again. My life is basically the same no matter what my weight. I am the same person. It might be better for my body but it is not the cure all.

My goal is to make the best decisions I can and to know that when I eat well, I feel better. I have been feeling very run down and setting self-care goals will hopefully help me feel better. I read about today on Weightless on Psych Central

My self care goals for December:

  • With the holidays, I see myself skipping meals and binging when I can because I am so starving. Taking time to have 3 meals a day.
  • Relax – it can be hard in December
  • Wear make up. I feel better when I do.

What are some goals you can have this month?


  1. That's a great idea, to set self-care goals. That sounds so much more helpful than just deciding to "take care of myself."

    I am going to think about what I need to do to take better care of myself and set some achievable goals. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. My goal this month is to lose 5 pounds by Christmas Eve so that I can spend all day and the 24th and 25th eating whatever I'd like!

  3. My goal this month is to take some time to meditate and stretch in the mornings. My body is so tight and I can feel the pressure in my hips, knees and feet. Also to eat more mindfully. Not just inhale my food, but to take some time and eat more mindfully. This was just what I needed to hear this morning....thanks :)

  4. I don't know why people think saying things like that are going to be helpful. I've heard it too and it's just stupid.

    My goal for this month is to go to my new yoga class every Monday night.

  5. Ugh... people have given me that "advice" as well. I took it to heart and had major resentments against the people who gave me that unsolicited advice for many years but the last few years, I've learned to ignore it and try not to resent the person so much.

    I love your December goals!

  6. My goal.........get enough sleep. I find when I'm sleep deprived I feel lousy and can't function well.

  7. Few things more annoying than unsolicited advice. You're a grown woman, for crying out loud! You know your own health issues better than anyone. I suppose it would be very sarcastic, but I'd be tempted to respond with, "Oh, really? Thanks! That never occurred to me!"

    My goals for the season I laid out on my blog, but in a nutshell – don't binge and don't stress about eating. Just try to eat "normally."


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