Monday, December 10, 2012

Here’s to the Weekend

With the holidays coming up, I feel like I am a chicken running around without a head and getting nothing done. I haven’t even started shopping. My posting may be a little sporadic over the next few weeks, we will see.

I bring you my crazy weekend in pictures:


I love this little wreath I was sitting under at Café Victoria on Hanover Street in the North End having an after dinner treat and coffee.


Some random pictures while in downtown Boston on Saturday.


I did not buy any yarn at Windsor Button, but I wanted to!

I went to a hot chocolate bar at the Ritz hotel in Boston. It was a once in a long time treat and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends.

IMG_0057 (2)

IMG_0056 (2)

Cocoa with whipped cream AND an orange vanilla marshmallow. Awesomeness.

The actual hot chocolate accoutrement bar!

IMG_0059 (2)IMG_0058 (2)

It was somewhat expensive at $30.00 but as a once in  a long time thing, it was right up my alley.

Here’s to a busy weekend spent with friends. I am going to need a vacation after the holiday.


  1. Sounds like you had fun! And the hot chocolate bar looks/sounds divine! :-)

  2. Oh, I LOVE Cafe Vittoria! They have THE most awesome ricotta pie. What a pretty wreath. Thanks for sharing those pics.

  3. I love the peppermint wreath! I have never seen one of those before.

  4. That wreath is really pretty. I want it.


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