Thursday, December 6, 2012

Clothing Wishes

This week has been wicked busy. I have had something to do each night this week but tonight. It feels good just to do laundry and have a chance to blog.

I have been feeling very, I don’t know, frumpy and not too good at myself. This morning I really had to reach into the dredges of my wardrobe to find something to wear to work, a by-product of being wicked busy. Since I have been feeling rather frumpy and bad about myself, I am showing myself what might make myself unfrumpy.


I love love this dress from Boden. In fact, I love all of Boden’s clothing.


Lucky Brand has a new really nice and cute plus size line. I love this top never mind their jeans.


Ruche has some nice clothing. I love the simplicity of this dress but how classic it is.


There is something about this top that says “Buy me, Jennifer!”


If only I actually had someplace to wear this to!


  1. You have good taste! I love the aqua top.

  2. I love Boden too. Since I stopped working, I find myself wearing yoga wear during the week and I kind of miss dressing up for work.

  3. Your taste is so classy and refined. I should take some tips from you.

    The teal Kiyonna top is gorgeous. My arms don't fit into things like that but they are nice to look at:)

  4. I've never heard of Boden before. I guess I'm fashion ignorant! It's funny, but I just wore a blouse today that looks just like (including the exact color) the tope that you described as "Buy me Jennifer." I really like it and I feel good in it.

  5. *top* not *tope*. Where is autocorrect when I actually need it????

  6. I want some new clothes so bad. You've given me some great new places to check out. Thanks!


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