Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012 Harpoon Helps Spread Holiday Cheer

On Saturday I participated in Harpoon Helps. You may recall that I participated last year as well.

Harpoon Brewery sponsors this event each year. They gather Harpoon Helpers and they send teams all over the Boston to decorate charities that could use some holiday cheer. 

I was on Team 19, which included friends and new faces. We were sent to Millenium House, a shelter in Roxbury, MA.

Harpoon supplies the decorations and we do the best we can with what we are given. It feels good to actually brighten someone’s day. In a tough world, a little cheer goes a long way. It certainly made me feel better.  

 Afterwards, we went back to the brewery to have lunch, mingle and of course, try Harpoon’s beer.

I am not a huge fan of beer but I do love hard cider. I like Harpoon’s version of cider. I also had a drink called Apple Pie, which is half cider and half of Harpoon’s Winter Warmer beer. It tastes like apple pie.

They do this in other New England cities and even in other parts of the country. I recommend it. I had been feeling a little bit down and it felt good to help people that need help.

This holiday season has been and will be hard for me. I have been wanting to lock myself away and I have been feeling a bit run down. I plan on taking some time off at New Years.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful program, and how good of you to participate!

  2. I hope the holiday season is a little less hard on you this year Jen. Great post.

  3. What an awesome program. I should look for something like that in my town.


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