Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Support Wednesday: Recovery?

I made it to group tonight. Something about the snow and my birthday blahs and everything else that made it imperative that I go tonight.

I am glad I did.

I was asked what I thought recovery for me would look like and well, I envision recovery as this:

  • I will be able to forgive myself.
  • I will treat myself right and be healthy without thinking because it makes me feel better.
  • Maybe I will get out of bed on 1 alarm in the morning

Forgiveness. What a hard word that is. I have such high expectations about myself. My expectations of others are not nearly as high. I do not forgive myself. In fact it is a trigger to lots of behaviors.  That would be a huge thing for me to forgive myself.

If I could forgive myself, I think the living healthy part would slowly come into place. Maybe just maybe, I could get out of bed.

How do you envision recovery for yourself?

Look at the bracelet I got at the meeting tonight. I think it is a good reminder.


It says Nourish Your Mind, Nourish Your Body – MEDA


  1. Forgiving myself is something I work on too.

  2. Recovery for me would be forgiving myself, too, and not feeling hopeless at times. I think a lot of good behaviors would follow that. I struggle to get out of bed, too.


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