Monday, November 5, 2012

A Birthday and Election Musings

Where have I been?

I turned 39 over the weekend and I just could not bring myself to turn on the computer. My birthday was nice. I went and got lunch with Dad and then went with a friend to get Ethiopian for dinner. I love Ethiopian food.

Sunday, I woke up early to take my nephew to his traveling soccer game in Uxbridge. I had never been there before and after having my birthday with a few drinks, I had a hard time getting my nephew at 7:15 am. Thankfully, daylight savings time began the previous night so I did get that extra hour.

I am also sort of happy that the election is tomorrow. I am so tired of the vitriol from both sides. Two years ago I wrote this about open-mindedness and elections but this election season is 100 times worse. I have heard of relatives not talking to each other because someone is voting for someone that you don’t like.  The mess that is Facebook has been over run with arguments that devolve quickly over politics. I might have been defriend when I complained about both parties. I am afraid that our country is so divided now that it worries me. It is bad. Very bad.

This weekend I was driving home from Uxbridge and I heard this week’s This American Life episode – Red State, Blue State.  It really hit home. I have kept my political opinions to myself mostly. Friends know who I plan on voting for and it is not either major political party for president. I am also going to vote for a Republican and a Democrat for other offices. I generally am of the “don’t ask don’t tell” feeling in regards to politics. I keep my voting to myself, for the most part and you keep yours to yourself.

If you don’t like me based on how I vote, I think a re-evaluation of what is important is on order. We are American and want what is best for our country. We need more cooperation and less partisan rhetoric.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jen! Have you blogged about your Ethiopian food experience? I've never seen or had it.

    On the political front, it's sad that people can't engage in intelligent discourse without the vitriol, because change can't happen without a conversation, you know? Politics, unfortunately, seems to just bring out the worst in folks. :-(

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!

    I 100% agree with you about the election!

  3. Happy birthday, Jen!

    I agree that we are so divided. I worry about it, too.


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