Saturday, October 20, 2012

Knitting Again

I had stopped knitting for a while but now I am back.


Maybe it is one step towards recovery that I have picked up something I loved to do. I have been knitting while watching TV and I would like to find a new knitting group to attend.


I am making the cabled cowl in the picture above. I found it is in the Knitscene Accessories Special Issue.


  1. Check out the new Quincy SNB group on Ravelry!

    I think they're meeting on Wednesday nights, which is not so convenient schedule-wise, but you might be able to find folks willing to do another day/time on the message boards!

  2. Jen, that's great that you're knitting again! I crochet, but would love to knit. I just can't see to get the hang of it.

  3. Beautiful blue! I'm glad you picked your needles back up. I find knitting very soothing.

  4. Good job on the cowl! :) Know I always feel better when I can get lost in a project. Hope you post a picture of the finished product. Looks like its gonna be beautiful, love the shade of blue. Take care and hang in there.

  5. Beutiful! Glad you're knitting again! I go through spurts where I knit like crazy for months and then don't knit at all for months.

  6. Love that blue! I crochet myself, and I find that if I make a point of doing it regularly I feel productive, which in turn helps me to feel better. Just one more tool in the fight against depression!


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