Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jen Reads: Hurricane Addition

You may or may not have heard but a hurricane is on the way to the North East USA. I am sort of looking forward to it but honestly, why don’t businesses close during these storms. Is the need to make the almighty dollar that high that for one day you can not tell your employees to be safe?

Gah! This just makes me angry.

If you are in Sandy’s path, hopefully you will not have to work and can stay safe at home with your family.

I have been reading. I just finished the last book of the Fever series, Shadowfever.

I find that lately, books are part of a series. I read the first book, I like it and then I am compelled to read the second, third and all of the books in the series. This was the case in this series.

MacKayla Lane is from small town Georgia, where she is a bartender. She finds out that her sister has been murdered while she was studying in Dublin, Ireland. She goes to Ireland, where she find that she was born with the ability to see fae and sense their magical items. She meets Barrons, the mysterious owner of the Barron’s Books and Baubles book store, which would be an awesome book store to have around, and they search for the mystical Sinsar Dubh.

Of all the urban fantasy book creatures, the fae are probably my favorite to write about. Ms. Moning created a world in Ireland where the fae are having a war between the Seelie and Unseelie fae while humans are trying to live. They are wrecking havoc on the city and the Unseelie are creating vast areas of dark zones in Dublin that just disappear off of the map.

The book is definitely urban fantasy with a splash of romance. The square between MacKayla, Barrons, V’lane, the Seelie prince, and Darroc, a cast out Seelie that has been leading the Unseelie kept me interested.

I definitely recommend this series!

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  1. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the recommendations. Those books sound interesting. I can't read novels, because my brain just won't work that way anymore, but they do sound interesting. Good luck with the hurricane!


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