Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If Only I Was A Bear

I am really fighting the hibernating feeling.  Sunday I slept until 1 pm and I could have slept all day. 


Unfortunately, I did not have yesterday, a federal holiday here, off. I really could have used the extra day.

I had another therapy appointment this morning. I have been feeling sort of better. It has totally been beneficial for me to write and to talk about it. I am hoping that the increased Prozac will help me. Meanwhile, I am going to try to keep somewhat busy on the weekends. I did very little last weekend. Being home alone for a weekend, doing nothing, it not really good for me. It is a trigger for thoughts I would like to put away.

If you have problems fighting depression more in the winter, how do you handle it?


  1. I have seasonal depression...if it isn't sunny I am no fun! And being alone can trigger me to think WAY to much about the craziest things!! I feel ya!

  2. I actually feel more depressed in the spring, it seems. I am glad you are feeling some better.

  3. Glad you are getting somewhat better.

    I actually tend to get depressed in spring and summer and come alive in fall and winter. I am a huge introvert and love to stay home and I feel that in spring and summer there is more pressure to be out and about. I know, I'm weird.

  4. A few things that keep my mind occupied when I'm cooped up in the winter: upbeat music, a looooong novel, movies, even cleaning out the closet and drawers. There's something about decluttering that seems to help. :-)

  5. last winter i bought these happy lights that are supposed to help with seasonal depression. they are super duper bright lights. i think they help.


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