Friday, October 12, 2012

FDA Recall of Budeprion

I put off my happiness post off for a day. There was some big news in the mental health world today.

Do you take generic Wellbutrin?

Well, today the FDA recalled Budeprion XL 300 mg because it did not produce the same therapeutic results are the brand name Wellbutrin.

I take generic Wellbutrin, Bupropion SR 200 mg. The manufacturer of my medicine is Mylan. Right now this recall is for the XL 300 mg from Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. The FDA is asking that the other manufacturers like Mylan test the effectiveness of their version.

It makes me wonder if my medicine is not as effective as well. My insurance will only cover the generic SR version but if it doesn’t work as well, what will I do?

If you take generic Wellbutrin, please check your medicine and if you do have the above medicine call your doctor and pharmacist.

What do you think of this recall?


  1. Thanks for alerting us to this, Jen. I stopped taking the 300 mg generic Wellbutrin about a month ago. I'm glad.

  2. I don't take it, but my sister does and she has had a major setback since her insurance co. made her go with generic brand. They also told her she was limited on the Luvox and would not give her coverage for the fully prescribed amount. I think it is great if they can make a medication cheaper but if the generic is not as good then it stinks and I think insurance companies need to provide what is best for patient, not what is cheapest for them. Makes me angry. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I actually meant to do a posting on this and forgot. Honestly, I don't understand how it took this long for both the company and the FDA to figure this one out.

  4. Im surprised that I did not see this news elsewhere. I guess it's not as important as, say, who is dating who. whatevs. Thanks for letting us know. I'm pretty sure I take 150 mg pills, but Ill double check just in case!


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