Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Into Television

I have been watching some TV this fall. What am I watching?

Well, there is always Alaska State Troopers.

I have been oddly obsessed with this show on the National Geographic channel. There is something about shows like Alaska State Troopers, North Woods Law on Animal Planet and Wild Justice on National Geographic  that just draw me in. 

There are a couple of new shows that I have started to really like.

Last Resort is one of them. I wasn’t convinced but I gave it a shot and it passed my test.

Tonight I am watching Arrow. I know it was the eye candy that got me first watching this show but so far so good. I will continue to watch it.

There is always The Amazing Race that feeds my obsession with travelling. I need to plan my next trip, soon.

My favorite show of all, Grimm, is back and I am loving it.

It is making me want to read an original translation of the Grimm Brother’s stories.

Are you watching anything this season for new TV shows?


  1. Since you're watching Grimm, what do you think of Once Upon a Time? Have you seen it already? :o)

    1. I watched Once Upon A Time a few times last year but I didn't really like it. It was a little too Disney-fied for me. Is it better this year?

  2. I caught the first episode of Beauty and the Beast and I think I'm going to stay with it. My favorite shows all seem to have the supernatural in them ... Trueblood, Vampire Diaries, WALKING DEAD, now B&B. That Alaska Troopers looks interesting. You might like B&B. The two female leads are cops. :-)

    1. Beauty and the Beast is on my list. I could not stay up for it last night. I really recommend Arrow. You will like it, I think.

  3. I like Last Resort and Grimm, but I’m mostly watching Once Upon A Time. I admit that it was a little bit Disney-esque last year, and a friend I work with at DISH didn’t like it either, but they’re starting to expand the story. They’re going into the evil queen’s mother’s story, and so far my coworker and I both love it. I’m actually recording everything on my Hopper, which has enough memory to save the entire season, so we can re-watch it later. You should definitely give the show another try this year. You might like the evil queen’s backstory, like my coworker does.

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