Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nothing Good

What did I see when I looked in the mirror today?

Nothing good.

I thought about contacting one of those body dysmorphic disorder studies that I see advertised on the subway. I can’t seem to shake the fact the fact that I hate what I see in the mirror. It just makes me sad. I look at other people and see that they look fine and then there is me. Blah.


  1. Jen, I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I have days like that and think, too, that everyone else looks fine.

    Still thinkng about you and Boots.

  2. Jen, I am SO sorry you feel badly about yourself. I think I really had BDD when I was in my teens. I would stand in front of the mirror for hours and cry and obsess and do my hair and makeup over, and over again. If my hair wasn't "the same" every day, I thought it affected how people saw me and thought I looked like the ugliest monster you ever saw. It was a living night mare. I try to look in the mirror as little as possible now as I can throw back to those feelings too easily. I hope you have someone to reassure you that you are beautiful. Because you are!! ♥

  3. Oh, Jen, I just saw the post about you losing Boots. I am SO, SO very sorry. I'm sending you a giant hug. I know how much your kitty meant to you. : (

    I'm also sorry that you struggle with how you look. It is really hard in this world where so much is based on outward appearance. I agree with Shannon. You ARE beautiful. I'm just sad you don't see it.


  4. Jen hang in there! You are beautiful and funny and nice. You just need to see what everyone else see's. (((HUGS)))


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