Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Happiness: Fluffy Bellies

Coming home to a fluffy kitty belly after a tough day at work makes me happy.


What makes you happy today?


  1. What a cute cat!! My aunt has two dogs and they're simply awesome. One's a husky and really fluffy - I love her!!

    I need music to relax after a tough day. I also did some music myself when I was a kid, maybe I'll restart with that any time soon, because I can't live a single day without music. Also my best friend and her cute lil daughter make me happy. It's so much fun visiting them, talking to my friend and playing with her baby girl.

    Oh and as a writer, of course, I also love writing a lot ;)

    Wish you a great weekend!!!

  2. I love your kitty! I, too, love fluffy and soft kitties to greet me at the end of the day. The purrs just help melt away any stress.

  3. Oh, what a cutie! What is it about kitty tummies?? ha ha

    I love coming home to my kitty too. Sometimes I can tell she really missed me and she will mew a lot until I pick her up. Love that!

  4. Yes, my animals make me happy too... but sunshine and nice temperatures did it for me today! --And coffee..let's never forget the coffee! ;)


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