Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food, I Come In Peace

Now that summer is winding down and things for me begin to slow down a bit, I am ready to move on to Principle 3 of Intuitive Eating, Making Peace With Food.

Is food that enemy that is out to get you at every corner? When you are keeping away from one food, do you tend to want that 1 food tin times as much?

When I am told I can’t have something, I want it ten times more. My parents told me, when I was a kid, that I was NOT going to have the cookies when I asked. So instead of having a cookie or two when I asked, I snuck into the kitchen and stole 10 cookies and ate them in secret.

I am tired of being told or telling myself that I can not have this food or that one. It makes me want it more and I will get it.

I am walking down the snack aisle at the local grocery store and I see chocolate chip cookies. No, I can’t have cookies. I don’t trust myself. I’ll eat the whole box! in one sitting! But that did not happen with the last box of CheezIts I had in the house. They actually lasted through the week and not in one sitting. Imagine!

I didn’t feel that ever present guilt over buying the CheezIts. I wanted them. I got them and I did not eat them in one sitting.

I am going to take off from the CheezIts and get something that I want but never would have.


  1. I recently read an article that people lose 6 kgs or more in a week if they follow alternate day feasting. Eat well one day and then have only 600 calories the next day. Am not sure how manageable that would be, but one can try

  2. Cheezits do not need your guilt!

    That's one of my fave parts of IE. The making peace with food because it's not the food that is the problem.

  3. I like the attitude about not denying yourself, Jen. I, too, tend to want something more when I tell myself I can't have it. Good for you with the CheezIts!


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