Friday, August 10, 2012

Calm My Crazy: Cheating Kitties

According To Denise

I was sitting in traffic tonight in the tunnel on the Southeast Expressway and I heard a report on the radio about cats and their secret lives. It totally made me smile.

Have you seen this?

Enter video caption here

I can be assured that Boots does not have a secret life! He is not cheating on me since he is trapped inside this apartment. I love this report though. Who knew these kitties got around?

On a positive note, I was contacted yesterday by the people of Arm & Hammer to apologize for the way I was treated in their booth at Blogher 2012. Finally, a company that listens! It also made me happy today.


  1. I'm glad they apologized! Good for you for making your feelings known!

  2. Glad they apologized. How rude of their representative.

  3. I'm glad they apologized; still shocked how you were treated, however.

  4. That video is a riot! I don't let my cats out unless I'm with them in our fenced-in yard...I'd be too worried something bad would happen to them.


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