Friday, July 27, 2012

Calm My Crazy: Silver Linings

According To Denise


What a week it has been. Once I got down, I totally let all go and got really down. Since it is Friday, I am feeling better. Next week is a short work week for me since I am going to BlogHer, so that is one plus.

I went and saw two movies a few weeks ago and at one of them, I saw a preview for a movie that I absolutely positively must see.

In the preview they say a line about the woman being crazy and in a lot of therapy and he says, he is also in a lot of therapy and that made my heart say yay! There is hope for me in the dating department since it is an iffy subject whether or not I would reveal my own form of craziness. It just looks like a cute movie besides. Perhaps the hope this inspires in me will do me some good.

I am going to get the book from my local library, when I go next time.

I also have a song that I first heard listen to Pandora’s Alternative Endurance Channel during walks (It is an awesome station to listen to while working out, FYI) and I have liked almost all of this band’s music. The lead singer is tall, dark and handsome and all of the members are gorgeous as well. This song makes me smile. Here is Young the Giant’s “My Body”.

By the way, I made a mistake. Those jeans that came from Macy’s the other day are great. They don’t look bad and they are very comfortable yet stylish. This is a bad pic but it was all their was. They are Levi’s Perfectly Shaping 512s.


Finally, I succumbed to Ginger Betty gingerbread cookies this morning when I went into Mary Lou’s, a local coffee chain, for coffee. I love Ginger Betty! The bakery is not very far from my home but I don’t get there often. If you are in Quincy or see them in in the area, they are wicked awesome. I can’t eat them every day but I did today and I am not beating myself up.



  1. The jeans look great! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. And have a great time at Blogher!

  2. I've never heard of that movie but now I want to check out the book.

    Your jeans look really good. So does your smile in your latest post:)

  3. I love, love, love Young the Giant. Awesome music!

    Have a great time at BlogHer! I'm totally jealous of everyone who gets to go.

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