Friday, June 22, 2012

Calm My Crazy: Wine!

According To Denise

I had a bad day self esteem wise. I am not sure what went wrong but it started with a message on OKCupid saying one of my pictures looked “Harry Potterish” and the rest were sexy. Ugh! I don’t think he meant it in a mean way but I took it in a kick in the stomach way. To top it off, I had an embarrassing incident as I was on my way to Life In Synergy, which caused me to miss the class, that it just topped the day off and added to “I Suck” list.

To put that behind me, I am going to concentrate on happiness. Today is Friday and you know what it means.

I heard this song on the way home and it made me dance in my seat on the South East Expressway as I dealt with Boston traffic. Here’s Matt Kearney’s “Hey Mama!”

I mentioned some wine purchases when I went to Idaho and tonight I am drinking the first one. Please excuse the bad photo, my apartment is a disaster and counter space is at a premium.  This Lost West Wines Old Shed White is from Fujishin Family Cellars.


It is good and something to smile about.


  1. The wine looks delish. Some days just pile up little by little and it's hard to hang on to happiness. Was the guy a HP fan? Because I wouldn't let that bother you. But traffic home from Boston yikes that would drive (no pun intended) me crazy!

    Enjoy your friday night. Visiting from Calm My Crazy!

  2. When we are feeling happy on the inside, law of attraction is matching up the inside of us and bringing unlimited happiness to us.
    I'm following your blog now, please, visit my blog too.
    Thank you. :-)

  3. I love that you are putting the comment behind you and focusing on your happy. You are awesome!


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