Thursday, May 3, 2012

Which Way To Go?

I decided to do a sponsored post but was thrust into controversy. Live and learn. I deleted the post.

I am trying to decide on the direction of this blog. I love writing. Not only is it therapeutic, it is probably what I was meant to do. I used to write stories in notebooks when I was a kid and it was always a dream of mine.The first blog goal is to have one blog that consolidates everything. I would like to incorporate book reviews, have more design options and put everything into one blog because having two is just too much.

I am going to convert to Word Press. After almost 4 years blogging, it is time. I don't dislike Blogger. I like it more because I post generally with Windows Live Writer. It is time to grow up. Besides, when I go to places like Blogher, all of the technical sessions are about Word Press and I want to go to them. 

What do you, as a reader of my ramblings, want to see?

I will continue to be honest. I still write for me and to get the crazy thoughts out of my head but after 4 years, it is time to think about where I want to go.


  1. I would love to see the other facets of your personality like your writing and design. Not sure about Wordpress and technical stuff but maybe you could set up pages for each area of interest.

  2. Jen, Sounds great! It's exciting to consider where you want to go with your writing. I've been debating whether or not to start a second blog. Not sure if I could handle two. But I'm not sure how to combine the topics either.

  3. I want to see Jen. :-) P xx


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