Monday, April 9, 2012

Lonely Locks

Sometimes I feel for these locks.


Who put them there?

Why are they there?

They have been there a long time. Lonely neglected locks forsaken by their owners over the subway tracks. I have passed by this many times either on foot or by car but tonight, on foot, I took a picture. 

I am working at home this week due to construction involving awful smelling plumbing covering. I can work in my pjs. It means I don’t  leave the apartment much. I may go somewhere to work tonight just to get out of the apartment. Loneliness takes over easily, thus the easy feeling for these locks, really.


  1. What a unique photo, and I love the metaphors you find there. I wish I could work at home, but I'd probably have to do what you plan to do--get out and work somewhere else at times.

  2. Interesting about the locks. I like the metaphors as well.

    I would also love to work at home but I'd probably never leave if I did.


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