Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is a Spring without Goals?

This spring, I want to accomplish something so here is some things to possibly do and/or achieve because I need to remind myself.

1. Exercise 4 times a week.

It is not too much to ask, especially since I just bought and got some new exercise clothes to wear. Couldn’t work out in my pajamas.

2. Enjoy myself travelling.

I am going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia, a city I have never been to and then I will be off to Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho. I am travelling to both alone but the trip to Boise and Portland will be quite the adventure. I need to finish my planning.

3. Drive less.

Does that mean walk more? With gas prices high and the fact I need to save more, I want to drive less. I can walk, take the T or maybe even take out my bike, which was meant to be ridden.

4. Write down 1 positive thing a day if it kills me.

I have such a hard time thinking anything positive about myself. One thing a day, shouldn’t be too hard right?

5. Cut down on soda.

I am a Coke Zero gal. I drink too much of it. Not having it everyday won’t be too much to ask myself, will it? I will also save money. With a 20 ounce bottle costing upwards of $1.90, it adds up.

6. Continue on my eye contact quest.

I will not stare at the ground when I walk. I will look up and smile.

7. Get some sort of mobile device so I can blog on the go.

Blogging from my phone is hard. I need a laptop or tablet for when I am away from my desktop. (Someone said to me the other day “They still have desktops?” Ah yes. )

Do you have any goals?


  1. Jen, I like your goals! Your trips sound fun. I have a friend and a nephew who live in Boise, and they love it. I've never been, but it's on my "got to go" list.

    Writing down one positive thing a day is a good thing to do. Don't just think, write it. And save it to look back at to remind you of all of positive things about you and in your life.

    My goals are many, but rather muddled. I think I need to write them down like you did.

    1. That is the hard one and the one I must work on the most. Finding positive things in the darkness.

  2. Hi Jen. I think your goals are very admirable. Some really good ideas.

    Just don't put too much pressure on yourself to achieve all of them. Goals are great because they encourage us to reach farther than we normally would, as long as they don't make us feel bad if we don't achieve them all. I just don't want you to be too hard on yourself!

    I really like the eye contact idea. I've tried that when I buy things at stores. It's much too easy to forget that the clerk at the counter is not a human being. More walking is great too. Exercise is supposed to be so good for depression, and the sunshine can't hurt either.

    Let us know how it goes with this stuff. I'm pretty bad at being disciplined about these kinds of things. Sure wish I were better at it.

    1. We are chronic looking down people in Boston. I do it all the time. When you look them in the eye, some people get a little freaked but I am continuing my quest to look people in the eye. I miss a lot staring the sidewalk, though with the sidewalks here sometimes you must look down.

  3. Great goals! It's the beginning of autumn where I live, but still as great a time to make a good list! Top of mine would be end of summer garden chores. The weather here is perfect for outdoor now the hot weather is over. Phew.... :)

  4. Your goals are very admirable. Currently my only goal is to get my energy levels sorted out.

  5. I have a journal I'm keeping as I go through therapy and every day I write a few things under the column "Things that made me smile today." It forces me to think through my day and find something positive. Whether it's a person I talked to or a funny show I watched or eating Girl Scout cookies. I try to find something every single day. Sometimes it's hard. But it usually helps.

    1. Good idea! Since this sort of my journal, I may do it here or find another place to do it.

  6. I like your goals. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get to all (or any) of them. I tend to think of them more like a guide. Things I'd like to do if everything works out that I can!

    1. Goals was probably the wrong word. Maybe To Do or a Guide....


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