Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is Coming

I was excited to see daylight when I got out of work today. I was sick over the weekend and in my sick haze, only half of the clocks in my apartment were sprung ahead. Luckily, they were the important ones, like my alarm clock.  I am willing to trade losing an hour just to get extended daylight.

While, this winter has not been bad by any means, I still seem to get sucked into the winter blues more often than not. I think it just looks so depressing around here during the winter. All of the houses are similar colors, the plants are dead and it is just gray all the time.

Spring is almost here and life should be coming back to the landscape soon. I do think that the houses around here need to be painting fun colors, not just white, gray, dark blue. New England, we need color in the winter.

It was also warm here in Boston and people were out and about when I stuck my head out of my dungeon for lunch today. I even took my coat off, it was so nice. I even walked to the library after I got home from work. I want more days like this.

While, 60 one day and 40 the next is ok, spring will be here soon. I think we will have a real spring this year.


  1. I hope you thaw out soon. You made it through this winter:)

  2. I'm glad your alarm clock sprung forward :)


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