Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Happiness: A Day Late

Something about the computer sucks the happiness out of me sometimes so on Friday, I decided not to go near it and that made me happy.

I am doing better. I had a good therapy session and I got to talk about the death and my reaction to it. How I felt that somehow I should have cried more. After therapy, it is not bothering me much anymore. It is a weight off of my shoulders.

Last night, I was under a blanket on the couch and my furry friend Boots found his favorite spot on my thigh to rest for the evening. We settled into a good episode of Grimm.

I joke with a couple friends of mine that I have a huge crush on the Grimm character, Monroe and the actor, Silas Weir Mitchell.

He is like the perfect guy, except the fact that he is a werewolf. His character makes the show.

So while I may be home alone on a Friday night with a cat on my thigh but at least I can watch Grimm and it makes me happy.


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