Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Happiness: Uplifting

I love this song!. This is Stephen Kellogg singing "Watch You Grow." Don't worry what people say!

Here are some more things that make me happy:
  • Animals. I could look at pictures of baby and cute animals all day. I could snuggle with Boots, when he is not chewing cords and be quite contented.
  • High tea. Tomorrow I am going to one. My Irish/Scottish/English immigrant relatives must be turning over in their graves. Didn't they come here to leave that stuff behind? I guess not.
  • Music. It totally relaxes me. It soothed my Mom. It soothes me. 
  • Acceptance. Whether it be accepting me as I am or someone who is different then you as they are, it makes me happy. I hate when people hate because of a different political opinion,sexual orientation, because of red hair or whatever. Period. Hate me because my personality conflicts with yours not because I am a Catholic, exploring some things, politically independent and redheaded Boston gal of Irish/Scottish/Italian heritage. 
  • I did not go through with suicide 12 years ago. Somewhere deep inside me, I thought that I was worth it. 
  • It is Friday!
What makes you happy this Friday?

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