Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving survived without massive fights or some other insult. Of course, we missed Not So Secret Sister who worked. It felt kind of sad with just Dad and my brother there for dinner.

The turkey came out well.


There was just something sad about the whole thing. We talked about Mom and some issues surrounding here. It just felt empty. Hopefully Christmas, which I totally not looking forward to this year for some reason, will be happier.

If you are in America, how was your holiday?

I have a little giveaway tomorrow. Stay tuned Smile


  1. Thanksgiving was kinda weird here too...just didn't feel the same this year. Glad things went ok with you. Its just hard when you have a parent who is missing or ill...never feels the same. Are you hitting any of the sales tomorrow?

  2. i gained weight. my bother and his wife had a big argument about liauor and how much is ok to drink.
    it was disturbing


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