Monday, October 10, 2011

World Mental Health Day

I blog for World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. I have been asked to participate in the blog party and I gladly said I would be happy to contribute.


I have been open about my struggles here. How I have good and bad days. How the shadow of depression continues to slyly stalk me from the around the corner. I turn around and it waves. It may be diminished some days but it is there as ever.  

Looking me me in a grocery store or walking down the street, you would never  see what is going on in my head. The internal battles that I have over how I feel about myself, worthiness, everything. How some days I do not want fight, do not want to get out bed, just want to wither away to nothing. 

I look like an average American. I go to work. I come home. I feel like a cow getting on the cattle train to slaughter every day I go to work. I live for the weekend. I am close to my family and friends and just look like an average American gal.

But what is the average American?

It could be your Mother, Father, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, neighbor, me, you, ANYONE. I am not ashamed to say that I am struggling. There are days I need help and support. I can not do this alone. Luckily, I have the blog and it has helped me more then I know. 

Asking for help maybe a first big step but you are not alone. 


  1. Jennifer, you just need to be stronger mentally. All of us feels the same way on a daily basis with different problems coercing our heads. That's why we are given the chance to grow and learn from our mistakes. It's not that everyone is born in a mentally abnormal state, it's just that our life gets harder every day we live and breathe. Hope to read more from your blog. If it's not that much of an issue, then check your local health insurance plans just to make things secure and safe.

  2. Depression comes and goes. Words may not reach you when you are in the inner depths of despair, but always keep in mind that it is not the end yet. Others have gone through worse.

  3. These values are just stunning to me. I didn't know that About 1 in 17 Americans suffer from major mental illness and 1/4 of all American adults have some sort of mental illness. This makes me think about World Mental Health Day. Thank you for posting this. You have made a difference because you touched my heart

  4. Mental disorders are common in the United States, and in a given year approximately one quarter of adults are diagnosable for one or more disorders. While mental disorders are widespread in the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated among a much smaller proportion (about 6 percent, or 1 in 17) who suffer from a seriously debilitating mental illness

  5. I can see that we have had similar experiences as children. I am so sorry that you had those experiences with your mother. It is so difficult to NOT let our past dictate our present. Tadalafil That is what I'm working on so hard now. I don't want the depression to have anymore say in how I live my life.

  6. The internal battles that I have over how I feel about myself, worthiness, everything. How some days I do not want fight, do not want to get out bed, just want to wither away to nothing.

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