Monday, October 17, 2011

Once Upon A Time, I Watched TV….

For a Monday, today was fairly normal. My stomach was in knots and for whatever reason, I just could not feel right.

I was up later then normal last night watching Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.  I read all but the newest Kate Atkinson Jackson Brodie mysteries so I was not to miss this.

Since I haven’t been watching much TV lately, I am sort of looking forward to two shows that will be premiering soon.

Grim on NBC

Once Upon A Time on ABC

Luckily, there are two PBS stations here in Boston so since Once Upon A Time will conflict with Masterpiece Mystery, I can catch it on another night.

I used to be so hooked on TV. I watched lots of it. Now, not so much. Maybe because the computer is not within viewing of the TV so I can’t do both at once. The only other shows I have started watching, but I catch it On Demand is Revenge, about the woman picking off the Long Island socialites one by one to revenge her father – very good.

And of course the various animal programs on Nat Geo WILD or Animal Planet on the weekends.

Have you gotten into any fall TV?


  1. I tried watching Revenge, but I think I have the opposite problem you have. My laptop is often (ahem) on my lap while the TV is on in the background, which leads to me missing a lot of the shows. Which is what happened with Revenge. I missed most of the show so therefore had no idea what was really going on. And yes, I DVRed them but still I didn't want to waste another hour re-watching the show. Gah!

    PS I'm also looking forward to Once Upon a Time.

  2. I have Once Upon a Time PVR'd incase I miss the first episode and I cant wait to see Grimm too! I hope they are as good as they are looking to be!
    I dont watch a lot of tv either... but one show right now i dont miss is Dancing with the stars. The only reality show I will watch.

  3. I am loving revenge. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it but it is really growing on me. I am excited for Once Upon A Time. I hope it is as good as it looks! I have to admit that I am obsessed with TV. My DVR is full of shows. The problem is that it can only record 2 at a time so there are some shows that I want to watch but won't be able to. I always have a very full DVR in the fall. Lucky me I have a new laptop so I can multi-task.


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