Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Insurance–Hospital Run Around

All day today I would answer the phone and say my “Hello, I’m blah blah.” Three times I got back, you sound like you are sleeping. One of those who said that was Dad and he says that often to me or else I get “Geez, your mousey.” Thanks Dad. He just called me again to tell me to watch the Republican debate, that it was “good.” 

I was not sleepy. Maybe a bit drowsy or day dreamy but not sleeping.
I also spent a large amount of time haggling with United Healthcare and if that does not make you sleepy, I don’t know what will. I called about the $809 therapy session bill I got and to find out why it was rejected. Finally after 5 calls to them, I found out that they coded the darn thing wrong. It should have been coded for a regular 45-50 minute therapy appointment and not an extended appointment. Ugh. Extended appointments need a prior authorization call from the provider. They will not give prior authorization to me. It needs to be them. 

They won’t and/or can’t give me a copy of my policy. They said contact HR who told me to call United when I talked to HR. Just shoot me now.
Next after that, I had to call the hospital. I got the wrong department, call them and then was told to call the other department. I never got an answer from the hospital as I gave up exasperated. I will continue tomorrow.

They make me want to scream and cry.

I also had an appointment with the nutritionist today and I stepped on that scale. I decided to look at the number. It was a spur of the moment decision. I was curious.  It was down –9 pounds from when I last weighed in. I am told I will have a surgery date soon.

I think it was mostly because the last 2 weeks I did phase 1 of the South Beach diet and honestly, I did not miss bread. I missed having a beer or martini or some pumpkin but bread, no. I am ready to take on Phase 2 with fruits and some complex carbs.

Why must not-so-complicated things be so frigging complicated some times?

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